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A list of piping related sites
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Pipe making resources

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David Daye's Bagpipe Page

An excellent text based page with lots of technical piping information.

Making Bagpipes by Casey Burns

An excellent text based article on making bagpipes.

Chris Eyre's Piping Pages


A UK page with instructions for making your own "sheepie", adjusting reeds, etc.


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18th Century Scottish Highland Pipes

"My Highland Bagpipe is copied from surviving 18th century instruments - a piob mhor of the 18th-century Gaelic tradition."

David Naill & Company


"Bagpipe makers of distinction"

Gibson Bagpipes Inc.

"The Sound Speaks for Itself"

"Let the expertise of Jerry Gibson assist in your selection of the finest piping instruments available."


Tools and maintenance

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Source for reeds and reed making tools.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance information for wood instruments like clarinets, oboes, English horns, etc. Much of this applies to pipes.

Forrests Music

Double reed specialists

Mail order suppliers

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Aberdeen Bagpipe Supply

Aberdeen Bagpipe Supply is the Piper's Source for Dunfion Handcrafted Bagpipes and quality piping accessories.

CDs, instruments, books, etc.

Clan Leather Works

Sporran makers

Rampant Lion Celtic Traders

The great midwest mail order house specializing in Celtic music and related novelties.

The Tartan Thistle

Music, CD's, and all things piping related located in Langley on Whidbey Island, Washington.

Henderson Reedmakers

Murray Henderson's web page, reeds and D. Naill pipes.

Wygent Reeds, Ltd.


Fine handmade reeds for the Great Highland Bagpipe, since 1981.


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Masters of Scottish Arts - Live in Concert Volume 1

This fabulous new all digital CD was just released in July 2003. It includes beautifully mastered live recordings made during the first three years of the Masters of Scottish Arts concerts held at the Scottish Rite Center and Town Hall. This CD will quickly become a favorite. Produced by Neil Hubbard and Jori Chisholm, it features electrifying solo and ensemble recordings by the faculty of the Winter School. This is a must have CD.

Electric Pipes

New Zealand based piping notation software. This is highly recommended. I use this software personally. It is a joy to use and can be used as an effective aid in learning new tunes. Highly recommended.


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Elliott Bay Pipe Band

Seattle based grade 3 band I'm in.

Simon Fraser University Pipe Band


4-time World Champion pipe band based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Metal working

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Burdon Gundrills

Another widely known gundrill maker.

Hyper Tool Company

Standard and custom gundrill manufacturers. (This is where I had mine made. Great people.)


Industrial products supplier

MSC Industrial Supply


Industrial products supplier

General interest

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Mastery of Scottish Arts

The MSA is a Pacific Northwest based organization dedicated to the preservation and development of Scottisharts; primarily piping, drumming, and dancing, through world-class instruction, student participation and Scottish community collaboration, united in common goals. This is a top-drawer organization.

The Bagpipe teachers list

You need a teacher? Here's a good place to find one.

Celtic Web Art

Lots of Celtic art for souping up a web page.

Tyrone Heade Home Page

My piping instructor's page

Seattle's only full-time bagpiper

An excellent October 1999 article about my piping instructor, Tyrone Heade.

"Promoting classical Gaelic piping to a global audience"

The Voice

On-line version of the EUSPBA magazine.

Source for all things piping and drumming related.

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